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       Day all machinery is a professional manufacturing punch automation equipment manufacturers, the company since its establishment has been engaged in the development and production of stamping automation equipment, and South Korea's biggest punch automation equipment manufacturers and technical cooperation, the company in line with the thinking for the user, for the user and design principles, introduction and development of high quality, excellent performance, high stability, low failure and to meet the general use has been favorable comment of customer, especially in the field of the medium plate technology, all machinery has been walking in the forefront technology, become a reputation of many auto parts manufacturers suppliers (hyundai, Volkswagen, general motors, faw, dpca, dongfeng Honda), etc.


       Company is located in Shanghai baoshan to manage science and technology park, now has many sets of advanced processing equipment, the main production: the CNC roll wheel tape feeder, high-speed roller tape feeder, automatic air tape feeder, belt type high speed gear more refueling machine, all kinds of different materials leveling machine, heavy material frame, large CNC triad rack, leveling machine, according to the different requirements of manufacturers, special design, manufacture all kinds of punch automatic feeding device.

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